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About Me

Hello! My name is Kar Wei, the creator of this website.

This website was made to teach others about the Japanese language and culture and also mainly for me to revise my Japanese

I take Japanese as a third language and have been practicing for around a year now

Though my Kanji isn't that good yet, I look forward to learning with you!

I'm currently at the end of E-3, and moving on to I-1 soon

As you know, the Japanese uses different grammar as compared to English and since the entire language changes based on how polite you are, it is optimal for us to start practicing whenever we can.

What made me pick up Japanese?

I'm an avid reader and watcher of manga & anime.

English translated Manga is hella expensive ($15++) as compared to Japanese Manga ($7++) hence I picked up the language in order to read raw manga and save some bucks

Below is a few of my favourite Anime/Manga titles

Voice Actors Aimin & Amita

Being a fan of several voice actors, learning Japanese allowed me to read their tweets & possibly converse with them (hopefully)

I'm also a huge fan of J-Rock, which spurred me on to take up the Electric Guitar in my free time

I have been playing for a little over a year now

Some of my favourite artists & bands includes Aimer, Riko Azuna, ZAQ, Egoist, Sumika, Frederic, RAS and much more